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I'm Amanda.

I've been a professional tutor for the past nine years, helping hundreds of students with a variety of subjects. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved north to attend Reed College in Portland, Oregon. After experiencing a competitive academic environment during my years studying psychology there, I decided to pursue a career in education. After earning my degree, I followed the sunshine back to California, tutoring for a number of top companies before branching out on my own.

Informed by my background in social and developmental psychology, I take a holistic approach to education, supporting my students emotionally as well as academically. My aim is to help my students build confidence as well as knowledge, and to teach them strategies that will help them succeed in their future academic careers. I love seeing my students reach their goals, then go on to create and achieve new goals.

When working with me, students are guaranteed a personally customized lesson plan and a top-tier tutor every time. You’ll also benefit from more individual attention than larger companies can offer.

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